Conrad Gregory

Junior Developer

full-stack with front-end bias

CompTIA certified:A+ Network+ Security+ Linux+

To learn, to create, to contribute; end user experience and security is my priority.

Languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, SQLite, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, and BASH

Frameworks & Runtimes: React, Redux, Node.js, Express.js

Tools & Environments: Fedora or Ubuntu Linux, VSCode, VIM, macOS and ... sigh ... Windows.



A mid-life career changer with 25 years of diverse skills from studying musical performance and sound production to working in cycling retail, homewares retail, customer service, dispatch management, and bus driving along the Sussex coast.

I started my transition into tech in the spring of 2023, initially trying to make my way in IT support but came away from my first position disenchanted and underwhelmed.

While in this first support job and considering my next steps I began study of Python using the Codecademy platform and I would completely lose track of passing time when just getting things working. This led me to find something that truly ignited an interest. I had found something fun. I had found something that had re-kindled my long lost creative juices.

Here I am after more than a year of continuous study, learning and creating, recently completing the inaugural Technative Full Stack Developer Boot-camp and looking for my first junior coding role.

I really enjoy the front-end, but find I have an interest and aptitude in RESTful API's with express.js, setting up authorisation and other security measures within the node.js environment, and remote access or deployment with the Linux platform.

I'm excited to get stuck in and take things further.

A keen cyclist too; last year I participated in the Salsa Frontier 300km Coast to Coast event, completing it in 22 hours, raising money for Macmillan and Marie-Curie cancer care charities in memory of my late father-in-law. I then subsequently followed it up with a 500 mile cycle tour, just for fun, heading south to return home.

This year I have a Scottish Highlands and Hebridean Islands tour planned (and recently rescheduled) for late August. Wish me luck with the midges!